Today, salad lovers can enjoy dozens of delicious Wish-Bone® dressings with the salads they love to create. But the Wish-Bone® Story started almost 60 years ago thanks to a single recipe for Italian dressing and an ingenious American soldier.
In 1945, just after World War II, Phillip Sollomi, an ex-G.I., opened a family-style chicken restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri and decided to name his place, “The Wish-Bone®.”
Dressed for success
Phil’s restaurant was an immediate success, but in 1948, he decided the place was missing a certain…kick. He decided to ask his mother for the spicy salad dressing recipe she brought from her native Sicily. He thought his customers might like it. Boy, did they!
Customers at “The Wish-Bone®” Restaurant went wild for the dressing and demanded bottles to take home. Phil eventually had to begin mixing the dressing in a 50 gallon drum while his mother happily applied labels declaring: “The Kansas City Wish-Bone® Famous Italian-Style Dressing.”
Wish-Bone® makes a name
The fame of Wish-Bone® Italian spread throughout the heartland.In 1957, Phil decided to sell the business to Lipton. We still care about what Phil and his mom did: the best ingredients, the original recipe, and the best food. And to this day, we still make our “famous” dressings in Kansas City, Missouri.
1950   The Wish-Bone ® restaurant opens in Kansas City with Italian Dressing as one of their specialties
1958   TJ Lipton purchases the Wish-Bone ® business from Phil Sollomi
1960s The Wish-Bone ® brand expands geographically
1970   Wish-Bone ® Salad Dressing becomes the #1 brand of Italian dressing – a position it has maintained ever since
1980s Wish-Bone ® Lite line introduced
1995   Wish-Bone ® Salad Dressing begins using the “World’s Most Colorful Taste” tagline
1998   The “Marinating 1-2-3″ television campaign is launched
1999   The Vinaigrettes line is launched nationally
2000   The Just 2 Good! ® line of products is launched
2002   Dressing & Marinade line is launched
2003   The Ranch-Up! ® line is launched as popularity of Ranch dressings grows
2004   Ranch-Up! ® Light is launched
2006   Wish-Bone ® Salad Spritzers ® Vinaigrette Dressings line of sprayable salad dressings are launched
2006   Light Vinaigrettes are introduced to the world
2007   4 new Salad Spritzers ® flavors are launched
2008   Wish-Bone ® Bountifuls ® is launched with 4 new flavors, and 2 new Salad Spritzers ® flavors are launched
2009   Wish-Bone ® Salad Dressing begins using the “Get More from Your Salad” tagline and communicating “Oils like those in Wish-Bone help better absorb vitamins A&E from salad vs. salad without dressing.”
2011   Wish-Bone ® Salad Dressing launches a more eco-friendly bottle that uses up to 20% less plastic than the previous bottle.
2011   High fructose corn syrup is removed from the core line of Wish-Bone ® dressings.
2012   Three bold-tasting Ranches are launched, including Wish-Bone ® Buffalo Ranch made with Frank’s ® RedHot ® sauce. (Frank’s ® RedHot ® is a registered trademark of Reckitt Benckiser)
2013   Pinnacle Foods Inc purchases Wish-Bone® from Unilever Foods.